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Extends belt life. Penetrates the cord fibers of “V” belts to restore pliability and flexibility. Prevents belt slippage due to heat, cold, dampness, dust and glazing. Item #205AEB

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EDIC's amazing automatic scrubber is ideal for deep cleaning of hard floors, pavement concrete and grouted tile. The Pilot gives you all the performance of larger, more expensive equipment but in a lightweight, compact size thats super easy to operate and store. At only 30 lbs, its simple to transport to any job site. The Pilots versatility makes it perfect for routine maintenance or periodic deep cleaning, especially in tight, obstructed areas such as restrooms or locker rooms.

The knockout punch of this machine is its rotary brushes. It features a pair of high-speed counter-rotating circular nylon brushes with two levels of bristles that deep-clean grout better than any cylindrical method. The flexing action of the flared nylon bristles scrubs the most difficult-to-clean mosaic tile and stone grouted floors with truly amazing results. Superior urethane squeegee blades allow one-pass cleaning or can be raised to double scrub for restorative cleaning.

The Pilot is the perfect green machine where less is more! It does not require harsh detergents that can damage sensitive stone and grout surfaces. It uses less solution, works in tandem with green chemicals and with its single motor, draws less amps.

EDICs Pilot is user friendly and simple to operate and maintain. The recovery bucket, tank, brushes, squeegee and power cord can be taken apart in seconds to switch to other accessories. Optional nylo-grit brushes and pad holders can be attached for surface polishing and stripping of any hard surface.

Warranty : 1 year parts & labor.

  • Unique, dual counter-rotating brushes with two levels of bristles that scours at the deepest level.
  • Unbeatable performance in a compact size. At only 30 lbs. the Pilot is light enough for anybody to maneuver.
  • Replaces heavier, costly equipment and is designed to fit in a broom closet or maids cart.
  • Low carbon footprintcleans with green chemicals, uses less solution and draws less power.
  • Truly automaticsimply lower the handle to activateno on/off switch!
  • Comes complete with a high-quality squeegee that leaves floors clean and completely dry.
  • A total cleaning system that promotes clean and sanitized stone, grouted tile and any hard floor surface.
Brush Motor120V, 700 watts
Vacuum MotorTriple fan system
Cleaning Width14"
Cleaning Capacity4200 sq. ft. per hour
Brushes (2)Circular / nylon bristles
Brush Speed550 RPM
Brush Pressure18 lbs.
Solution Tank1 gallon
Recovery Tank1 gallon
Wheels (2)4", non-marking
Power Cord25' detachable, 3' pigtail
Dimensions (upright)43.75"H x 20"L x 16"W
Weight30 lbs.
Shipping Weight33 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions16"H x 23"L x 16.5"W
Electrical Draw4.5 amps, 115V

Item #edicPilot1400s

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So lightweight and maneuverable, the Powermate will triple your productivity. No more backaches and fatigue from slow, tedious cleaning with a wand. A high-speed cylindrical brush gets down to the base of the carpet fibers for more effective cleaning. Comes complete with extension cord.

Warranty : 2 years parts & labor.


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  • Low profile allows for cleaning in tight areas and underneath tables.
  • Easily connects just like a standard wand.
  • See-through dome allows the user to see the dirt being removed from the carpet.
  • The PowerMate™ adds powerful brush agitation to any portable extractor!
Item #edicpowermate12

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Meaner Green RTU Gallons

Meaner Green Ready To Use Gallons.

Each box contains 4 Gallons

Item #bu1555

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minuteman E20

General Overview

  • The E20 is a compact scrubber with a 20” cleaning path, available in disc and cylindrical
  • Disc model offered in brush drive or traction drive, cylindrical model is traction drive
  • Advanced technology makes the E20 a part of the innovative walk-behind scrubber line, the E Series

Green Features

  • Sound level < = 70dBs
  • Maintenance free gel batteries available
  • Tool free brush removal
  • Tool free squeegee removal
  • One button operation
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use

Ease of Use

  • The E20 covers 20,000 sq. ft. per hour (1,858m2) *based on traction driven model
  • Low brush deck is ideal for cleaning around and underneath obstacles
  • Small, compact design allows for cleaning even in tight spaces
  • Easy-to-understand controls ensure that the machine is simple to operate
  • Compact design results in total operator comfort by focusing on ergonomics
  • Sleek design provides an excellent line of sight to the area to be cleaned


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Item #minutee20

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SuperCoach 10 Quat VacT
SuperCoach  Round 10 Qt QuarterVac Hepa Backpack Vacuum w/Tool Kit Item #SUPER10

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SuperCoach 6 Qt Quart Vac
SuperCoach round  6 Qt QuarterVac Hepa Backpack Vacuum w/Tool Kit Item #SUPERCOACH6

Price: $625.00  Sale price $579.95

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